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Justin Hoy

EHS Speech & Debate Coach

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About Speech & Debate

Essex CHIPS is proud to facilitate the Essex High School Speech and Debate team within the Iroquois (NY) district. According to many experts and former participants, debate teaches and/or refines oral communication, critical thinking, logic and argumentation, research, listening and verbal retention, note taking, writing, organization, and audience adaptation skills, as well as teamwork.


We compete in several tournaments throughout the season, which goes from October to February. Practices will be scheduled according to club members' availability, however the coach will be available for one-on-one instruction in some cases. Attending practice is important for growth, but can be flexible.

Areas of Participation:

There are two main areas of participation: debate and forensics.

Public Forum Debate is an oral communication advocacy exercise done with a partner. Each team advocates, either in favor of or against a resolution by proposing 3-4 arguments supporting their position.

Forensics are public speaking events which include eight activities.  They are the Interpretation of Prose, Poetry, Drama and Duo Interpretation, Performance Poetry, Extemporaneous and Impromptu Speaking, Original Oratory, and Radio Announcing.

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Areas of Participation

Join the EHS Speech & Debate Club

Essex High School students are invited to join the EHS Speech & Debate team.

Gain poise and confidence, interact with students from other schools, improve your understanding of current events, and add influential experience to your college resume.