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Justin Hoy

Youth Employment Services Director

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About YES

CHIPS Youth Employment Services (YES) is a resource for youth who are interested in learning about and earning work experience. It includes our Job Bank, which connects youth ages 13-17 in to employment opportunities. Through CHIPS Youth Employment Services, youth can find opportunities to get paid for yard work, babysitting, pet care, house cleaning, and other age-appropriate jobs. Through our other YES services, youth can also access resources which help them learn essential professional skills, such as how to write and update a resume, interview etiquette, and more.

With parent permission, youth ages 13-17 in the Essex Westford School District may submit an application to have their name listed in the Job Bank. Essex/Westford residents or businesses may submit an application to post on our job board.


YES provides names of potential employers to youth members. The youth's parent or guardian contacts the employer directly.

Though there may be safety checks for employers, Essex CHIPS does not screen employers or employees. There is no implied approval of the employer or youth. There is no implied recommendation of the skills of the employee. It is up to the student and their parent to decide if this job and/or employer are appropriate. It is up to the employer to interview and check references. Employers are encouraged to speak with the parent to determine whether the youth is capable of the job.

We encourage employers, employees, and parents to call us with reports and feedback, both positive and negative.

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About the Job Bank

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If you're a student looking for a job, download the youth application and attached consent form.

If you're an employer offering a job for youth, download the employer application.

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