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Why my coldroom is not cold?

There are several reason for why your coldroom is not cold enough according to your setting temperature. The most common reason is your compressor is not running to generate coldness for the evaporator. Another reason could be evaporator ice up with thick ice formed on the fan coil to restrict the flow of refrigerant. There are many other reason behind caused the room temperature is high.

Why the compressor is noisy during operating?

Compressor tends to be noisy could be a few reason as lack of compressor oil or internal parts of compressor is broken or worn off. This require immediate action to prevent compressor jammed up suddenly and eventually incur high repair cost or replacement of new compressor.

My compressor failed to start. Why?

If you noticed your compressor failed to start, it could be power failure or overload protector tripped. You may check your power supply to the contactor and overload protector for first step, otherwise the worst case could be compressor motor burned-out after checking terminal box at compressor.

The evaporator fan is leaking with water. What happened?

When you noticed your evaporator has leakage issue, quickly call for techncian to check on drain pipe and drain pan heater. It could be drain pipe blockage or drain pan heater is iced up and require immediate action.

Why my evaporator fan coil is iced up frequently?

Evaporator fan coil iced up mostly caused by shortage of refrigerant gas along the system or filter drier / TXV is not functioning well. They could be resolved by topping up refrigerant gas, thereafter checking leakage of system and replace new filter drier / TXV.